Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to bring with me?

No special equipment is needed to pick blueberries. We provide picking buckets and take-home bags. 

We want everyone to stay hydrated, so feel free to bring your own drinks.  

It also doesn't hurt to bring some bug spray with you for your legs. Just don't use it on your hands. It sure doesn't taste very good on your blueberries! 

We love dogs (and our Sadie sometimes accompanies us to the farm) but we prefer you leave your pet at home for their safety and for the safety of our customers.  

What should I wear?

We've had people come to the farm in pants and long-sleeved shirts,  shorts and tank tops, even dresses! Just wear something comfortable. We  do suggest closed-toed shoes, like tennis shoes, rather than sandals or  flip-flops. This IS a farm and you may run into an occasional fire ant,  spider, or other little creature. And with unpredictable weather, it can sometimes be a little muddy. 

Prices and Payment

We are a cash only operation.

We sell by the volume rather than by the pound.  The cost is $5 per quart or $25 for a full 5-quart bucket (but pick whatever amount you'd like).  And because we sell the product on our own farm, there is no additional sales tax.

We do not offer already picked blueberries for sale. 

How long does it take to pick blueberries?

Typically one person can pick a bucket of blueberries (5 quarts) in about 45 minutes. Bring a friend--or a couple of kids-- and it goes faster!  (We do not offer already picked blueberries for sale). 

Are there bathroom facilities available?

No modern bathroom facilities are currently available. 

I'm coming from out of town for the weekend. Can you recommend a place to stay?

Yes! We recommend staying at the Days Inn and Suites located at 1702 Broadway, phone number 918-647-3510 or their toll-free reservations  number 1-800-329-7466. Traci will take good care of you! We can also recommend our favorite eating or shopping places. Just ask!